Production Blog #4: Still Casting

The weeks and days are just flying by, aren’t they?

The holiday has really slowed my progress in casting. I’m trying to push through but stuffing my face and chillin’ with my wife just seems to be more attractive for the moment.

Holidays are for work breaks…, right?

In my cave trying to get through over 300 submissions…

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, what are you grateful for? If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving you could still tell me what you’re grateful for.

I can remember in those confusing and frustating days as a teenager thinking, “I have nothing to be grateful for, life is sh*t.” My mother would always rebuff my teenage rant with, “You have clothes on your back, food in your stomach, and a family who loves you. There are millions of people who have none of that.” Of course, my response was typically a deep sigh before rolling my eyes but the older I grew and the more life experiences I acquired, the more I realized what I really took for granted and should be grateful for.

I realized before I ever lock myself in my room and begin to feel sorry for myself. I should take a step back and look at how other people are living. Look at other people’s lives and compare my life to theirs. Not to say mine is better or worse but to say,  “This is where I am in the world with my life and I am grateful to be where I am.” Why? Because my life is unique to me and my experiences and my dreams and there is always potential for it get better and possibly improve someone else’s.

“It could always be worse,” is what I try to tell myself. I try to tell myself that because there is always someone else who has it worse but yet they still persevere and THEY are grateful.

Don’t get me wrong. Every once in a while I, too, still occasionally regress to my teenage mentality, “life is sh*t.”  The difference now is that I automatically trigger my mother’s rebuff once I’ve calmed myself down.

Once I’ve calmed myself down and have cleared my head, I try to move on.

And for that ability, I’m the most grateful.

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Author: hikikomori78

American Hikikomori is an upcoming short film that explores the emotional struggles of a Japanese teenager named Isamu Fujihara, when he moves to America.

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