Production Blog #10: Tweeting and such…

I still don’t think I’ve gotten the hang of this Tweeting and blogging stuff.

In trying to get the word out about our film, American Hikikomori, I’ve been spending more time on the web reading other people’s personal stories. I’ve been doing that through reading blogs, tweets, and post on the usual social media sights. Today, I’d like to share a blog post I read last Monday.

Click the link to read Mie's story. We all have a story tell. What's yours?
Click the link to read Mie’s story. We all have a story tell. What’s yours?

I’ve never had Eczema, nor would I ever pretend to completely understand what it’s like to deal with this kind of ailment. I tweeted about the posting via Twitter but thought I’d follow up again here. The overall tone of this writer’s entry was, I felt, very optimistic but honest about her physical, emotional, and intellectual journey throughout  her life up to writing that entry.

Her story really resonated with me for some reason. It could be my own haunting feelings of childhood awkwardness, rejection, and insecurity. It could also be that her colorful but restrained details of her lowest points in dealing with her malady really had me empathizing with her.

It’s all there on the page. There’s no happy ending but more of an open ended (but positive) to be continued. It’s human. Not a fairy tale. It speaks to me about our daily lives and our personal struggles that are unique to us individually. A reminder that sometimes we’ve got to struggle through the crap to get to the other side because we have to!

I got a great sense of how incredible she might be as a human being. Strength truly does come from within but can only be supported by the choices you make and the people you choose to keep around you.

I told my wife about it. She thought I was trying to drop subtle hints about a few things she’s been struggling with. As much as I’d like to take credit for being that clever, I’m not. But I’ll let her believe what she wants…

With all the negativity that surrounds us, with all of the ways we may suffer, and all the people who tell you what they think or wait for their turn to talk, you have to start within. You must.

It’s the only way.

Everyone has a compelling story to tell.

What’s yours?

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Author: hikikomori78

American Hikikomori is an upcoming short film that explores the emotional struggles of a Japanese teenager named Isamu Fujihara, when he moves to America.

2 thoughts on “Production Blog #10: Tweeting and such…”

  1. Hi there! Saw that you linked to my blog, thank you very much for not only reading it but for your kind words about it. Did not think anybody was reading! It was so gratifying to read your thoughtful response. Thank you again and I wish you all the best with your awesome film project!

    1. You’re very welcome! It felt so honest and really spoke to me so I couldn’t help but share.
      Thank you for your kind words. All the best to you as well in all your efforts.

      Thoughtful poem for a thoughtless act, btw.

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