Edo Wonderland

A few of the locals dressed in period attire.

Back in 2010, we went to Edo Wonderland after visiting the Nikko Tosho-gu Shrine.

Love the architecture.
Daruma gargoyles?
One side of a bridge.
And the other

It rained that day and the park was pretty empty but we still had a good time.


One of the theaters, I think.

We saw a ninja show and a traditional water show that you could photograph (non-flash) while you watched. They actually encourage you to. However, I didn’t like any of the photos I took.


It’s a cool place if you’re in the neighborhood with the family.

Taiko drums signal the park is closing.
Samurai nobles to bid us a safe journey on our way out as the park closes.

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Author: hikikomori78

American Hikikomori is an upcoming short film that explores the emotional struggles of a Japanese teenager named Isamu Fujihara, when he moves to America.

2 thoughts on “Edo Wonderland”

  1. I wish I’d known this place was so close to Nikko. Although I’d heard of Edo Wonderland I mistakenly thought it was towards Kamakura. I’ll have to go the next time I’m in Tokyo.

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