My drug of choice.

Syllabification: ad·dic·tion PronunciationəˈdikSHən
NOUN. – the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity

  • Synonyms: devotion to, dedication to, obsession with, infatuation with, passion for, love of, mania for, enslavement to


I love film. Television is great as well but watching a movie at home or in a theater is an experience that I’ve always enjoyed. Who doesn’t like a little escapism every once in a while?

Once I learned people can make a living making TV shows and movies I was obsessed with finding a way to get into the industry and contribute to the magic that storytelling is and will be as long as mankind exists.

My journey truly started in art school before moving on to film school and the more I learned, the more I became addicted and obsessed with telling stories through moving pictures.

Now as a professional camera man, every production is a learning experience and brings me closer to my dream career. Every time I pick up a camera I become filled with excitement for the possibilities of capturing everything and anything that speaks to who I am as a craftsman and how I see the world for whoever is willing to look at it with me.

Our camera format...
Our camera format… by Sony

But the ultimate high, is when I can tell a story that comes from myself or my perspective. There’s an intangible “high” I get when people watch a film I’ve made AND  empathize with it or it’s characters. It’s fleeting but there’s nothing else like it for me. It’s also why it’s an addiction.

Storytelling through filmmaking is my drug of choice and I don’t want to stop. I can’t.

I feel like I haven’t even started and that’s why I am still trying to make this film, American Hikikomori, happen.

I feel like we’re getting closer but we’re just not there, yet.

We've been juggling this film with our daily lives for the last three years...
We’ve been juggling this film with our daily lives for the last three years…

Most of my blog posts over the last year have been more about Japan than our film. I’m grateful for anyone who’s found any one of my posts and read them and I’m humbled by readers who’ve actually continued to follow me.

Thank you.

We’re still going and we’ll have some news about our progress in making this film. It’s happening and you’re all invited to come along for the ride.

Thanks for reading.



Author: hikikomori78

American Hikikomori is an upcoming short film that explores the emotional struggles of a Japanese teenager named Isamu Fujihara, when he moves to America.

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