YouTuber Doc: Black In Japan

One of our friends (thx Misty!!) told us about this great documentary, Black In Japan, by YouTubers Rachel & Jun.

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I personally loved it and think it’s worth a watch if you have any questions about visiting or living in the land of the rising son. Great perspectives and open minds. (Especially how African-Americans look at each other.) I love chill people and want to be friends with everyone they interviewed. No one sugar-coats their experience but they also don’t come across as being bitter, either.

I take nothing for granted with the relationship I have with my wife AND how her family has accepted me. Respect is a two-way street we constantly need to be mindful of when traveling the world and experiencing other people.

Personally, I can vouch for the staring when you’re in the country side or smaller towns. My wife has always been the first person to remind me how most places have very low interaction with foreigners, if any. So I chalk it up to curiosity and have won some of my own starring contests. Lol. But I’ve mentioned some of this before.

Overall my experiences (when we visit) have been great and I agree that it will always vary from person to person. There have been some awkward and not so great moments here and there but nothing that keeps us from going to see our people. I think (as with most places in the world) if you keep an open mind and try to stay around positive people / energy, you’ll have a great time.

Great video!!

Also check out their brilliant video about Cultural Appropriation!

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The “D” word.


It’s ugly… but not uniquely American.

If you’re not aware of that, you need to read more of the global news

It’s (unfortunately) human and we all need to talk about it so we can truly get over it.

Blogger Ron Simms Jr. (@blackinjapan) linked a video on his blog called Black in Japan.

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The video he’s refering to is here:

A thoughtful comment from the Simm’s blog:

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Despite death threats and harassment directed towards him and his colleagues, Miki D made a follow up video:

Other Video bloggers (like these guys) have also put in their two cents:

If you’ve never heard of Jane Elliott or her experiment, “Eye of the Storm” google it and learn something.

Broaden your mind.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” – Leo Tolstoy

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