Yokosuka, Japan – Kanagawa Prefecture Pt.4

Yup! We’re still prepping and don’t have any major announcements, yet.

So my Japan photo-blog continues…

Side street
Off the main roads are dozens of sides streets lined with shops.

I haven’t been to France, yet, and I couldn’t tell you if I’ve had genuine French Cuisine before or not but this restaurant was awesome.

French Restaurant
French Cuisine in Downtown Yokosuka, almost off the beaten track.

Again, I was too busy stuffing my face to take pictures of the food. And I didn’t want to draw any more attention to myself than I already had for being a 外人. Pronounced – guy-jin meaning foreigner.

We initially flew back to Japan because my wife’s Grandfather became really ill earlier in the year and everyone thought he wouldn’t make it to New Years. I’m happy to report that not only did he recover, but he’s become a lot stronger than doctors expected him to be.

To celebrate his recovery and our visit, he treated us to dinner here. I took this picture the next day when we were running errands nearby. We had a seven course meal that included beautiful dishes with names I couldn’t begin to pronounce correctly and it was all very tasty.

Grandpa discovered this place doing some of his own errands years ago and was drawn in by a busy lunch crowd. To this day, lunch is usually when this restaurant is packed.

If you’re ever looking to check it out just remember, it’s all gourmet French Cuisine but they only speak Japanese.

I only had to bow and eat.

Lucky me.

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