Yokosuka, Japan – Kanagawa Prefecture Pt.2 (Actually it’s TOKYO!!)

We’re still moving forward on our film prep but we don’t have any major announcements, yet.

My Japan photo-blog continues…

Just to get out of Yokosuka (okay, we went on a date…) and see the new Tokyo Skytree, we made a break for uh, …Tokyo. It was a two hour subway ride north, one way, but it was worth it.

After seeing the Tokyo Skytree (pics next blog) we jumped back on the subway to grab dinner here.

I was too busy feeding my face to take pictures at the actual restaurant. ;-p

I was unaware that Brazil has a very large Japanese community. After World War II, Japanese people not only immigrated to Hawaii and the US, but also Brazil. That has almost nothing to do with us going to this restaurant but I thought I’d throw that out there.

We actually went to this place because I was hungry and the Misses wanted to dance to Samba music. If you’re a non-smoker, like me, be fore-warned. Most places in Japan still allow smoking inside. I was irritated at first (because,of course, we sat next to the one guy who smokes like a chimney) but I had a couple mixed drinks and a beer and got over it.

I mean, how often do you see Japanese business men trying to dance Samba?

Good times.

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