“Japan – A Story of Love and Hate”

I found a short doc.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 4.22.46 PM

I found this, like everything else, during my attempts in researching my film. It has nothing to do with Hikikomori but does give some perspective (one man’s perspective) on what it’s like to live as a Japanese citizen. Parents, there is strong language.

This short doc is quirky  but interesting in it’s unbarred exposure of these people’s lives in Yamagata.  Speaking from experience, it can weeks if not months to gain this level of trust and brutal (when not belligerent) honesty. Also, nattō is fermented, not rotting.

Nattō: It’s good for you but smells horrible. It’s the one thing my wife and I don’t eat. Her friends love it.

I think it’s a great piece about small town life but not the only story.

What do you think?

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